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So has The Wishlist been abandoned?

Probably getting a ban - which i can live with - but the amount of arrogance and ignorance of Webflow towards their customers, and in particular @callmevlad is completely outrageous.

@callmevlad Is it so hard to see this is a wake-up call? Your customers are trying to tell you something here! Climb out of you ivory tower and act like a real CEO. Neglecting your customers is a direct route to becoming a mere afterthought. Many examples of this happened to companies in the past. see this or this.

Thing is, i really :heart: Webflow and the active comunity and the possibility to talk on this forum with Webflow’s staff convinced me to shift my entire workflow around Webflow. It would be a shame to leave.



We think even the current Webflow is terrific, Even if there are parts that might not what you might need. The eCommerce platform like what we built can fill the gap.

Read the post- especially the one drom vlad - 8 months ago

Do you happen to have a link? My search did not bring it up.

We used to love Webflow but the way they act against their users has been getting weirder over the past years … It becoming really hard to use them as a platform to build your company on with al the strange censoring and communications or complete silence from Webflow…

Is something wrong with the company?

I really would like to know? but webflow is silence again? why dont respond to all the concerns/bugs?


Hi everyone! I’m JZ, the VP of Product here at Webflow and I wanted to personally address the topic of our Wishlist.

One of the reasons we haven’t been great at communicating the progress on the wishlist is that our roadmap is dynamic and evolving in real-time. It adjusts based on the needs of our customers, what we’re seeing in the market, and what we’re capable of building at the moment. We hesitate on sharing a roadmap that’s too far out when it’s constantly evolving which could result in disappointment or mis-set expectations. That being said, we have not done a good enough job of maintaining the status of projects requested via the Wishlist, and it is currently out of date. We apologize for this. We are updating the top 10 features with what’s in progress, and we will do a more holistic clean-up in the coming months.

We’ve been thinking deeply about how to best engage with our amazing community, and we have a couple of exciting things to announce.

First, starting next quarter, we’ll be piloting a new practice called Community Business Reviews. In these Community Business Reviews, we will be getting your feedback on features we’ve shipped in the past quarter, sharing our roadmap for the upcoming quarter, and hearing your thoughts on what we have planned. The first one is currently slated for the first week of April, which means we’ll be able to look back on Q1 2021 and look forward to Q2. Mark your calendars!

Second, we are working on a better beta program where our community is able to opt in for new features and get access to them earlier. Feedback from this beta program will inform our feature development, as we hope to do a better job of making you partners in our development process. In our April Community Business Review, we will share how you can participate in this program and which feature betas are ready for you to join.

I wanted to take a moment and do a look-back on 2020, an unprecedented year for the world. We are so thankful for our community and the ability to continue to serve you through everything that happened. Here are the features we launched after hearing feedback and requests from our customers:

  • Many new e-commerce features: discounts/coupons, digital downloads, “buy now” buttons, variant selector buttons, the ability to add tracking URLs to orders, the ability to bind text elements to variant quantity (e.g. “only 5 left in stock!”), and a number of useful shipping & printing integrations.
  • Improvements to our CMS: scheduled publishing, nested collection lists, asset manager full view, the ability to import reference fields while using CSV import (big step from having to manually reconfigure references), first item/last item/odd items/even items styling.
  • New features in our Designer: larger & new mobile breakpoints, the ability to nest symbols inside other symbols, the ability to group and filter your assets by folders, bulk asset select/move/delete, canvas resizing, prebuilt layouts, the ability to clean up unused interactions & animations, and end-site performance improvements such as lazy load new images on sites by default and smoother font loading.
  • Major Accessibility features: the Audit panel to help you find and fix accessibility issues on your sites, the color contrast tool, controls to improve screen reader accessibility, and making most commonly used elements keyboard/screen reader accessible.
  • And finally, the introduction/launch of Webflow Enterprise and the Partners Program

We’re now at the start of a new year, and I wanted to share a sneak peak of some of what we’re working on in 2021:

  • Foundational security features like Single Sign On (SSO) and other compliance features (a detailed update to come as part of our first Community Business Review)
  • Features to improve the way teams collaborate with each other like improved roles & permissions, commenting within projects, and new ways to work together within the Designer
  • Deep investment in #1 Wishlist feature: user login and membership functionality (!!)

Finally, as we think about how to serve our amazing community and all of your diverse visual development needs, we are realizing we need our community’s help to keep up with the evolving design needs of our brilliant and innovative creators. With this important realization, this year we are heavily investing in building out our future developer and extension Ecosystem to help build a lot of the things requested on this Wishlist faster. We hope to partner with all of you to build components, plug-ins, integrations, and more templates that everyone can use. We are actively working on this and can’t wait to share more with you later this year.

We appreciate your feedback and the ability to dialogue with you all directly. As a friendly reminder for everyone: this community is a place of support and sharing. Now more than ever, it is very important that we show each other respect in this forum and the way we speak in our posts. We are committed to creating more transparency with you all, but in return, and we ask for your commitment to ensuring this community remains a safe place to share and communicate in accordance to our community guidelines.

Thank you for your patience as we update the progress behind our Wishlist features. We can’t wait for what’s in store in 2021!


Thanks for the very detailed answer, and the features sneak peek.

Could you please elaborate a bit more on this? At what level do you plan on bringing SSO? (A simple use case description is enough details).

Thanks again!


Webflow, we love, we really do. Webflow has been life-changing and amazing for so many of us.

At the same time, I think many of us have been feeling a bit frustrated. In the past year and a half Webflow has raised over $200 million but most of what the community wants (Webflow Wishlist) have been unfulfilled for years. Also, the communication between Webflow and the community has not great. Vlad used to do quarterly Q&As but those have completely dropped off the map.

There are even features that were explicitly communicated as coming soon (like real-time shipping rates Webflow removed "Automatic real-time shipping rates". Why? - #15 by manolojaguar) that still haven’t arrived.

Thank you, Webflow team, for everything you do. I’m sure you’re working hard like all of us. We would just like better communication and feature releases.

Thank you,


I’d recommend taking a quick peek at JZ’s post (below) who is the VP of Product where she addresses the concern with the Wishlist and some upcoming changes—including the addition of Community Business Reviews and a revised Beta Program:

In terms of the quarterly Q&A’s, I really enjoyed these as well but I’d imagine they were stopped because it contained a lot of the same questions over and over with the same answers from Vlad. I hope these Community Business Reviews fill the void while allowing them to be a bit more transparent on the roadmap—similar to “Town Halls” done by other companies—but all that remains to be seen.

It’s totally appropriate to be frustrated with certain releases not releasing quick enough, however I’d rather the work is done right as opposed to rushing out something that wasn’t thought through. Most of the highly requested features are huge undertakings, but it sounds like there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

Remember that just because there’s a budget doesn’t mean things immediately start moving at full speed towards their goals, they would need to hire and train new help along with adjusting priorities to accommodate new technologies and focuses internally. They have been making great progress over the last year or so (even if it’s not exactly what folks have been asking for) so let’s see how they handle things over the next few months to address some growing concerns.

Just for a bit of visual (thanks to @vincent and his awesome resource available on his site Manifest) here’s the last two years of updates which shows a huge uptick from prior years:


By the way, refresh that! ;-p


I’ll believe it when I see it. Last time we got a response like this was 8-9 months ago and then the thread was immediately locked and then nothing happened. And, look here, we need to communicate more yada yada BAM thread immediately locked. It’s been like this for 4 years now.


I’m not sure what to tell you :man_shrugging: I don’t work for Webflow so I can’t peek behind the curtain to see what’s going on behind the scenes—I’m just simply pointing out a very recent update directly from someone working at the company.

Admittedly when I initially replied to @jhiggins I was completely unaware of the new Series B funding—I mistakenly assumed this was due to their previous funding—but I took some time to read through the TechCrunch article (linked below) and it mentions that in 2020 they doubled their customer base:

That’s twice as many voices they hear and expectations they need to manage along with a huge influx of support only made more difficult as the world deals with adjusting to the affects of a pandemic. Even the big companies that have been around longer with more available resources struggled last year—not only because of adjustments with how their employees work together but also due to the potential influx of users as folks scrambled to find new opportunities working from home themselves.

I think it’s perfectly acceptable to be cautiously optimistic, but I’d say that we all deserve a bit of a mulligan after the last 10 months. Even as someone who was able to work through everything my mental state suffered which caused delays in my client work and adjustments to my own personal business goals/timeline. My suggestion is to plan on being a part of the Community Business Reviews in April and see if they can deliver on some of the promises.

We’re all customers here and (hopefully) want the best for the company as it ultimately helps us in our own use of the platform. Call me an optimist but I’ve been around long enough to expect them to deliver—even if it comes a bit later than I hoped/expected :webflow_heart:


Thank you everyone for your responses - I’m going to merge this topic with the previous topic and open it back up for discussion. Please make sure that we’re still having constructive conversations and being respectful to everyone


This timeline is so sick. Great work as always. Love that you already have the upcoming features listed out and waiting for placement.

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OP chiming in to say that I appreciate the fact that you’ve reopened the thread for discussion. I’m sure there are many (like me) who would like to share reactions and ideas around Jaiona’s post.


Hey Jioana welcome to the forums.

Curious if Webflow’s workflow destroying and project derailing performance issues are on the radar for 2021?

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So happy to hear substantial work is being done on a plugins framework. I trust the team and constantly advocate for Webflow amongst friends and clients but there’s almost always some small feature missing that pushes clients aways (at least in my experience).

For example, a lot of my new clients wanted the ability to have a pick up option for their online orders because or curbside pickup during the pandemic. I’m sure Webflow team has been aware of this trend in their own lives too. But instead we got contrast checker: something I can do in seconds on another tab using Don’t get me wrong, accessibility is important but why build in a tool that already exists instead of enabling a new way of doing business that cannot be enabled by an outside tool? I can’t imagine a no shipping option taking much development effort.

With a plugin system in place, these little quality of life additions like an integrated contrast checker, adding a “loading=lazy” attribute, and removing unused animations can be offloaded to the community, allowing the team to focus on depth instead of breadth.

Figma, Airtable, and now Monday have become exponentially more useful and powerful with their plugin systems and have become more than the vision of a few people. I implore you to consider their success a lesson and build a truly integrated plugin system that anyone can build on. The Figma SDK is especially interesting as it exposes everything to developers. The @Finsweet team would be a great resource for user research in this regard.

In addition to that, alternate hosting would also be great. I know that’s not the business model but I’d gladly pay 100+ dollars per month if I could deploy to Heroku or Netlify. My client base could triple if I could offer cheap elastic hosting to people who expect very little traffic but still need a modern website and an easy to use CMS.

I for one am looking forward to what’s to come!


I’d like to mention the numerous other posts about Webflow’s significantly degraded performance on sites with just ~500 to ~1,000 CMS items (when Webflow sells plans with 2,000 and 10,000 capacities).

There’s no reason any software should be this buggy and sluggish (and I use Adobe Premiere CC!).

I’m afraid Webflow has significantly outgrown its likely-single-page architecture.

Developers have finite coding abilities. Because Webflow has delayed, delayed, and delayed to address their significant technical debt, Webflow now has no good options: you cannot add new features, because it’ll break down the weak back-end, but your developers do not have the time and/or expertise to fix these issues while being forced to address long-standing indications that you will support certain features.

I mean, who on Webflow’s team is responsible for QA and why have not decided against pulling a five-alarm fire on Webflow’s degrading back-end? :frowning:

Once you get behind, it is very hard to catch up, so I hope Webflow is willing to buckle down and admit what genuine failures exist and what can be done.

I sometimes feel like I’m backing a Kickstarter project.

Update #1: We made money! Thank you.
[silence for months]
Update #2: We’ve halfway finished the prototype. No, we’re still taking new backers, even years behind schedule.
Update #3: Hey, we’re not done yet, so we sent out free non-functional prototypes to random backers!
[silence for months]
Update #4: We made money! Thank you.
[silence for months]
Update #5: We’ll be leaving in a lot of bugs & issues, but don’t worry, we want to get this out ASAP.
Update #6: Hey, more backers and more money. Gosh, we are so inspired!

:sob: This email today was unfortunately timed. I sincerely hope Webflow is preparing unprecedented efforts to QA, bug-test, refactor, and solidify its current codebase.