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Snap scroll to div

I’m working on a a new portfolio site and having trouble figuring something out.

Essentially, what I would like to do is have a vertical slider where each time the user scrolls the next image scrolls into view and the previous one out of view so. Similar to this example: - Except the trigger would be a scroll not a button.

I would like this function to live in a column, so it wont be full screen it will only be on the right 3rd of the page, like so

41 AM

Do you mean when the user has the mouse over the slider, any vertical scrolling will change the slide and not scroll the page (page stays at the same position?).

This is technically possible with a lot of custom code.

@samliew Not exactly.

If you look at this link

I basically want to do the same thing but with a scroll interaction and not a button. I want my images to scroll one at a time into view. Sort of like having a vertical slider that operated on scroll. Does that make more sense?