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Hello! I do not understand which triger to use, and whether there is such an opportunity for webflow. I want to make a site with animation. Where, at the slightest scrolling, a new page will appear. Kind of like a slide show with a mouse scrolling. But it is necessary for me that the user can scroll forward and backward to the previous pages.

I can achieve this with the scrolle into view. But the problem is that the page will not scroll back. Scroll the mouse wheel in any direction and the page will scroll exceptionally forward. Can you help me?

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@Siton_Systems I just need to know which trigger to use or is there any such possibility at all?

I need something similar to a “slide show.” Like this:

When you can scroll the section both forward and backward.

Yes. But you need to be a pro pro in CSS - to create such a thing from zero. Anyway your example is endless hours of frondend dev (This is not “scrolling issue”).

Maybe try custom code with this libary:

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@Siton_Systems It’s not a scroll, really. But I need a scroll. Just like the slider that you attached to the message. It’s a pity that this can not be done using webflow. The library does not help me, unfortunately, thank you

Sorry, I don’t understand what you trying to achieve.
Scroll in general - read about overflow-x on google.

maybe Something like this?

Try to find codepen with your idea (Of create wirefarme by photoshop)