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Horizontal Scrolling Website

Is there a way to create a site in webflow that scrolls horizontally.

Im looking to create something that would work like a magazine.

So if i click a link for page2 the site would scroll right instead of up and down.


Did you consider using sliders? That might be the best solution for you :slight_smile: You will be able to scroll to next/previous page and you will be able to scroll to the slide you want using slider navigation :wink:

That is an Awesome idea.

Thank you. Just what i needed.

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Is there another way to achieve horizontal scrolling? Like myspace website?


Something more like this: is what Fresh might be looking at. Can you help?

yeah, but you can achieve that with sliders. What I meant was having the scrolling on horizontal.

Something like ?

Sorry, I think I must have missed some words on my last post. If you enter on myspace website, you can actually scroll vertical on your pad/mouse but on the screen it will scroll horizontally. Webflow doesn’t have this feature, but still you can code something into it, I guess

Now I see what you mean.

Well that’s nothing webflow related per se, a google search quickly confirmed what came to my mind: