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Smooth scrolling to an anchor stop working


The smooth scrolling to an anchor doesn’t work anymore.
I check in Windows settings (display animation is on) and chrome, and it doesn’t seem the problem comes from this, but from webflow :

I try an older version which was published on Webflow. The smooth scrolling worked, then I published it again on Weblfow and it doesn’t work anymore (and it doesn’t work on my own web host).

So I took an other site that was published on Webfolw 4 month ago and as you can see the smooth scroll works if you click the “En savoir plus” button :

Then I dupplicate this project (and made absolutely no changes) and published it on Webflow and as you can see it doesn’t work :

Do you have an idea ?


I have exact same issue, are you found any workaround?

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As I prefer handle animations and interactions with my custom code I, for now, use an old webflow.js file that hasn’t the update that block the smooth scrolling (if the setting in windows is set on ‘display animation off’ (which is not my case)).
I don’t know if your site will work properly with an old weblow.js file if you use webflow animation, interaction or composant as slider etc…
I hope someone from Webflow will help.

how to use the old webflow.js file? because I do the same thing, and throw me an error in console

If you use your own web hosting, you replace the current webflow.js in the js folder with the older version (if you have one), but if you have an error I suppose it means that your site can’t work with the old version.

Same issue here. Is it possible Webflow Team changes something but this option is available somewhere new ?

They did change something :Link no longer scrolling down to section - #11 by e3positivity
But the way I understand it is that they undo it, so I don’t get it why we have this issue…

Seems it works again now.