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Smooth Scrolling not working with "While scrolling in view" animations

Hi, I have been trying to get my “While scrolling in view” animations smooth when scrolled. Some great sites out there do have smooth scrolling parallax effects. I have tried lots of options adding in code (smoothscrolling.js, luxy.js etc.). These options do work on the main part of the site. But all the webflow “While scrolling in view” animations remain clunky. It’s a shame as I love how the webflow animations work, but when you scroll with a mouse it appears clunky. Is there a way to solve this?

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Hi Damon. I have the same issue as you. The animations looks good when scrolling with a trackpad, but with mouse scroll, the luxy.js works fine for me on the whole page with mouse scroll but the animations like parallax and others are jerky… Would be interested to know if there’s a way around and if someone has a clue about how to solve this. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I can’t share the read-only link for now as the website isn’t online yet (NDA), but I may be able to share it in a few days.

Hey !
I have the same issue. Did you find a solution to resolve this buggy animation when scrolling ?

I juste did a little test here :

Anyone found a solution?

I’m having the same issue with luxy and while scrolling in view with my site. I currently removed luxy because it was clunky when i would scroll over certain animations. I recorded a video showing the issue with Luxy because i needed to remove it temporarly from my site

Here’s my current site without the luxy code

Hi, I’m having the exact same issue with my site. But I think this is a slightly different issue to the previous questions. The solution to the earlier question (unless I’m missing something) is just to use the native Webflow smoothing slider to remove mouse wheel jumps. Sometimes I crank it all the way to 90 or 95% to get it super smooth.

On to the problem we’re having. Firstly what have you set the wrapper speed to? I think this will help with the scroll being too slow. I’ve got mine set to 0.08 and it’s pretty good there. But maybe 0.1 would be even faster?

However, I can’t find a way to stop the strange interaction delay thing. I think it must be some kind of conflict between the luxy smoothing and Webflow. But I really need to solve this because I’ve gone and implemented luxy across a large site to add paralax effects, and it will be a massive pain to have to remove these and rebuild them as seperate native Webflow animations.