Smooth scroll on pages

is there any way to nake the scroll page smooth?

thanks in advance

Here is my public share link: LINK
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@travel_with_me Have look here:

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thank you very much, Matthias!! you are being very helpful :pray:

Hello @Matthias,
Thanks for this clonable project.

This works fine but unfortunately, it doesn’t work with fixed elements, like a fixed navigation bar or a fixed button. The fixed elements don’t stay fixed after applying this custom code.

What could be the fix for that?


Hi @d.Occ,

can you share your project?

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Here’s the read-only link of the project.

The navigation panel works fine, but the scroll up arrow and the footer are not visible after applying luxy.js.

Here are the two site-links showing with /without luxy.js.

With luxy.js

Without luxy.js


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Never mind!
I fixed the problem, it was an issue of z-index. The scroll is buttery-smooth now!

One more thing, It lags a bit while scrolling through an animated GIF or video.
Any suggestions for that?

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Can you follow up in more detail how you fixed it? Having the same issue where my footer won’t show with luxy

What about the z-index did you change? I’m also having the same issue

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Try entering a higher z index value of fixed elements if you are facing a problem with them.

higher z-index doesn’t work (regardless of value). got any other solutions?

EDIT: if u have modals or popusp using position: fixed just put them outside the wrapper.
I can’t find any workaround for position sticky…

Taking the navigation/component outside the scroll wrapper also works