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Smooth Scroll causing bottom 2 sections to disappear

I’m using the following smooth scroll script:

The scroll script doesn’t appear to be showing up on this submission. It’s in the before /body tag of the page. This is an event page. When opening this site the two bottom sections of the page fail to appear. If you resize the browser, by moving it up or down, then you can get them to show. But as it is, you can’t expect a user to know to do that.

Can I get this page to show in its entirety using this method? Thanks in advance. Here is the read only link:

Hi, @kerriejr! First off, great work on the site so far! Second, can you post a link to the published site (whether it’s staged on or on a custom domain)? We’ll need the site published to look at how custom code before </body> is rendered. :sunglasses:

Hi McGuire - thanks! Here is the webflow subdomain:

Thanks for sharing! I’m not seeing this on Chrome or Safari on Mac while testing — can you capture and post a quick video of what you’re seeing on your end?

One thing to note about the scroll effect: many users report motion sickness, nausea, and other symptoms when scroll effects take over (or “scrolljack”) webpages like this, as opposed to letting a user, their browser, and their operating system make decisions about scroll velocity, accelaration, and inertia. If you haven’t already, it’s worth taking a further dive into the topic, especially if you’re looking to implement something like this site-wide.

Great article on the topic: Scrolljacking — The Usability Nightmare? | by Christina Paone | Medium

Thanks McGuire - I’m taking your advice and my own experience with smooth scroll and ditching it - it’s more problems than it’s worth. Thanks again for the article.


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