Smooth navigation continued / Tabs Menu + Hidden Icon?

hi everbody

is it possible ot define a hidden-menu tabs icon, for mobile devices, similar to the default navbar functionality?

I basically would like to have a normal navbar pointing to each tab.

I am using tabs because I like to have the different sections appear without reloading the page.

another way that might solve this, would be interaction, with the navbar buttons as triggers.

this might be too complicated, any ideas on this?

temporary link:

thank you very much


Hi @rotem :smiley:

If you’re trying to link to a tab within your tab widget, try reading through this post:

hope this helps

Thanks @PixelGeek

I noticed this post, this is actually one of the reason I thought using tabs isn’t the best solution - custom code phobia…

regardless of that, this doesn’t solve my main problem which is having a hidden menu icon in the tabs menu, for mobile use. is it possible?

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