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Small and quick job…

… but so easy with Webflow =)

Whenever there is a soccer cup there is a spreadsheet or a pdf to see when your kids next game is. But when you are at place you only have your mobile with you and looking at excels and pdf’s on your mobile is … well not the best experience. So Webflow to the rescue and in a few moments you have a site that looks good on all screens and you can easy follow when and where the next game is.

Read only link:


Hi @jorn,

how you did the responsive tables?

Best Maurice

Hey @Maurice I used only divs and rows. I also used the hide/show feature to remove and add divs and text elements on different resolutions.

I can share the read only link in a bit.

Thank you for sharing this @jorn. I thought that you maybe used a library for this, because is not a huge effort to show and hide all of this divs and text elements?

Updated the post with a read only link.

I only hide/show some elements not all. Then used css to display the info a little bit different on mobile view.

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