Slow work preload page animation webflow

Good afternoon. help me solve the problem:
I made the website preload page with animation (json size 1.4MB)

but it doesn’t look smooth either on a computer or on a phone or in a webflow test.
help solve the problem

Here is my public share link:
(Webflow - Pro Trading X]2)

@Gencho Hi,

Please share a read only link

hi friend

@Gencho you’re animation has only 2 frames per second like this, uncheck the use built-in duration and set it to 1 and you will see the problem:

You will need to export your animation with more frames for a longer animation that runs smooth

friend give me a couple of minutes I’ll do it and write

yes it really helped. Now me need to make more frames in Adobe after effects for smoothness ?

@Gencho Yes exactly, then it will run smoothly