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Slow Search bar in Ecommerce

We have a pretty big store. We do notice that it becomes slow when we are searching and sometimes while navigating around.

Is there any plans to address the speed of the large load that appears to be happening in the background of larger sites that use webflow?

Are you speaking of the designer or front end on the published site?

@webdev I speak of both. When you type in the product search bar of the designer or editor, it’s very slow to move… Slow to save as well… My assumption is that it may be because of the heavy load of images in each product… but still… I would love to see some kind of a solution to help speed this stuff up to make it more bearable and fast to navigate throughout the products.

I don’t know how you spread all products out over pages, but when I go to your live website and do a quick network analysis; you send me over 180 requests, 45.5 MB in resources and a ton of images that I do not see on the page. (to compare: google maps, a pretty heavy web app, only bumps me 120 requests with about 5MB in resources)

I’m looking at a page that show me the categories + a single versa tire part and in my network request analysis I see a big load of images coming through that are nowhere visible on the page itself. I even see the paypal logo in there while that logo is nowhere seen on the page I’m on.

Why is all this stuff loading in the background?

Thanks @Ozone! Are you looking at these in the editor? That’s where I’m noticing the slow search problem… I’m not a developer or expert that way… but it sorta seems like all the products are loading in the background like you are saying, even though they aren’t on the page… The Webflow folks are going to need to help us understand this… Any Thoughts @webdev?

Chrome devtools. I checked it on your live website, not in webflow. And yes, it kinda looks that way. If you have used actual pages for your different categories and the likes, the products unrelated to that cat should not load. So I’d love to know what’s up with that as well :slight_smile: Are you sure you are not loading stuff into a hidden symbol on each page or something like that?

@Ozone the only thing I have hidden is a cart. I have 2 differently styled carts depending on mobile or desktop sizes… so no other hidden elements from what I know of… Thanks for participating in this discussion though. I really appreciate it.

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