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Slideshow with an overflow image

Did some searches but haven’t found a resolution to this issue.

I’m trying to create a slideshow with slides that have an overflow image.

When I set the Slide Mask to overflow = visible, the overflow image appears fine but then slides 2 and 3 are visible off the screen and the browser can scroll horizontally which I don’t want.

Preview link with slideshow on homepage -

Slides can scroll horizontal example -

Thanks in advance!

From what I see you figured it out already. Is it correct?

Nope. Haven’t figured it out yet.

The image overflows the slide, yes. But now slides 2 and 3 also show so the user can scroll left and right horizontally, not what I want.

Ok, got it.

So, you have 2 ways to fix this:

  1. add the code snippet to the head part of the custom code area

    .slidemask { overflow-x: hidden; }
  2. Give to slider itself some height (I tried 375px, seems work pretty good), add top padding (about 50-60px)


Thanks Sabanna.

The 1st option didn’t work for me but I was able to resolve using the 2nd option.

I also had to set slide show background to transparent and give it bottom margin equal to the top padding I added.

Appreciate the help!

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