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Slider problem with the flex


I’ve been struggling for a while with the slider. Which seems to be pretty straightforward to use at least what is shown in the video tutorial for slider, gave a headache. I don’t know at this point if I am using well the flex and the slider divs. I want each slide to be next to each other and just style it with the margin and the padding. If you take a look at each slide, it is bleeding below the slide nav. ¿Is that supposed to be happening? Any help, I just want a nice simple slider to work well.


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Hello, @Sebasgaes.

Actually, it is how the slider structured. Slider by itself has a position: relative and slider navigation, which is child element (sit inside the slider) has position: absolute and aligned to the bottom of the slider. Also, the Slider mask takes 100% of slider height. So, slider navigation is “overlaping” the mask.

If you want to avoid it, just set bottom padding to the slider, equal to slider navigation height.


Hi @sabanna I am not sure if I am doing well, which element do I have set the padding?

“Multi slide” element (slider itself)

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Thanks @sabanna I think it looks better now.

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