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Slider is cutting off one slide. Thanks for any help!

Hi Everyone! Loving this community so far and thanks for all your help! I’m having an issue when creating a slider for one of my custom designs.

If you look at the green and red slides at the end, the green slide is half cut off on screen upon page load (this is intentional). The issue is when I press the right arrow, it auto scrolls all the way to the red slide. Basically this means that the green slide is never fully visible to the user.

Also, I would like the right edge of the red slide to not move past the right edge of the screen. As it currently stands, when I press the right arrow, it scrolls the red slide to the left edge of the screen, leaving a lot of grey empty space.

See screenshots below:

  1. Page load screen shot:

  2. After pressing the right arrow once

I’m not sure why, but the slider movement functionality for some reason isn’t working in read only mode. It works on my preview and on the published webflow domain here:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - JcoM Communications