Slider Problems (Only white background displayed when making changes)

I am having difficulty with my slider. I have tried multiple methods to understand how to remedy, but a bit stumped.

If you take a look at this read only link, you will see that one of the 3 slides shows up 2 white. When I try to alter any of the styling for this slide, there is no change. Not sure how to remedy this.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for any help!!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @Kevan_Boone,

This is super weird!

For some reason, the 3rd slide was positioned in slide 2’s position, while the 3rd slide position is empty

It also looks like the 3rd slide is a copy of the 1st slide. Instead of copy and pasting, or duplicating, try adding a slide from the settings panel. Then give it a class name and style if accordingly. This should place the 3rd slide where it should be with no glitches!

I hope this fixes your issue! Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Hamilton. Thanks for the help. I deleted the old slider, and built a new one. I added a slide from the Add Slide Button, and that slide is not showing any changes as I make them. So still experiencing the same issue. Thanks for the help.

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