Slider Problem with 2 Items Display

Hi everyone! Does anyone knowing how to make this kind of slider? I just starting using Webflow about 1 month ago, and I really like it. But, I have the problem with this kind of slider.

As we know the default display on the slider will only display one item per mask. On the type of slider that I linked above he has two items with one fade item on the right, and will change when the user presses it, this is what I’m concerned about.

Please if there’s anyone who can help me, really appreciate :slight_smile:

So you’re trying to build what’s shown in the image you added?

On the slider, to avoid the slider sliding 100% width, you need to change the width of the Slider mask. That should also allow more than one slide to appear, change it to 50% for example to get two slides to appear.

Thanks for your response!

This is what I have done so far, you can check the share link here LINK

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 05.12.50

But, I just found a new problem: I don’t know why there are only 3 sliders even though I made 4 sliders (you can see it in the picture above) this only works on slides one and two, when I want to go to slide 3 as if it jumped to slide 4.

Do you know what is happening here?

I think so if I understand your question right! Here’s a video, sound on:

And regarding this:

I think that’s a Webflow bug, it has happened to me before too. I just select the slides from the left panel.

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This’s works! Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

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