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Slider out of whack on larger screens?

One of the things I love about Webflow is the design for desktop/mobile screens with a simple click and then adjust as needed. I found out that one of my sites has a very odd issue on larger screens (basically anything over 15"…which is easy to find these days).

Testing on Screenify:

On 15" screen :

One 24: screen:

I’ve tried to adjust the various elements from the slide itself, to the slider, to the container and nothing seems to affect the positioning on large screens.

My Slider Section is obviously 100% width.
The Container within has no styling applied to it.
The Slider itself has no styling applied to it.

I had tried some styling but without success/affect.


Here is my public share link: LINK

Maybe try 100vw instead of 100% width and also check for no hidden padding in any of the contents holding the slider or contents in the slider. Hope this helps! :wink::grinning::blush::+1:

I’m guessing you want the slider to be aligned with the navigation? On Larger screens the slider shifts to the left.

If that’s the case you will want to center the slider element (auto left and right margins) so that it stays in the center as the screen gets bigger.

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Thanks! How odd, thought I had tried that trick…works now.

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