Slider issues on smaller screen size

Hi there

I seem to be having big issues with this slider and sliders in general. for some reason on mobile screen size the image keeps changing size without me doing anything?? really confuse, i copied the slider from a clonable site and it looks great on there but it just keeps screwing up for my site. any idea why???

thanks for the help.

here is my site

cheers fellas

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Hobbitrock83

Thanks for posting — this definitely sounds weird!

The images in the slider appear to be working as expected for me inside the Designer. Are you seeing the issue in the Designer on the live site? If the live site, can you please publish your project and share the subdomain?

If you are still seeing this behavior on your end, can you send me a screen recording of what you see? CloudApp or Quicktime work well for this.


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