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Slider not Sliding Over

Hi Everyone,

I am using Webflow’s slider component to display a form. I logged in today to do some work on the slider which has been functioning for the last 6 months and republished recently. I noticed immediately that by clicking on Slider 2, that the slider interaction wouldn’t slide over to display the 2nd slide.

I’ve encountered this behaviour before, and my previous workaround was to delete the slider (the whole thing), and to “undo” that delete by hitting the undo button. As I said, this previously resolved the issue and I would be able to move between the slides again.

I haven’t published my site since discovering this issue, as this would break any registrations coming through the site.

Any ideas how to resolve this?

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Hi @ozone31912, thanks for your post about the Slider, I am here to help.

It looks like there is a Slider nested inside of a Form Element and since those are both scripted elements with preset behaviors, it could be that you have found some unexpected, unplanned behavior when using the Slider nested inside the form within the Designer.

The Slider element was not originally made with using that nested inside of a form in order to create a multi-page form in mind.

When I did the steps you mentioned on deleting the slider and then undo, the slider also began to change slides for me as well, so I think there might be something that need to be looked at on how the slider nested in the form behaves in the Designer and I can help to check this further.

In the meantime, I would probably recommend to do a publish to the staging domain only, not the custom domain to test that your changes are working as expected.

What you might do is to do the following:

  1. Create a Backup to save the current state of the site: Save & restore backups | Webflow University

  2. Make your changes to the Slider/Form and then publish your site to the staging domain (keep the custom domains unchecked with publishing so that the current published custom domain is not affected)

  3. Test on the published staging site url that things work as expected

  4. If things work ok, publish to the custom domain

  5. If things do not work ok, you can keep things as they are or restore to the backup.

Another option is to create a duplicate of the site and test on that, see how to duplicate the project: Duplicate, transfer, or delete a project | Webflow University

Hi CyberDave,

I appreciate the help. I did what you suggested and published to my staging domain and it still worked as expected (though I am using javascript to move between slides). Publishing to my custom domain also showed a working slider.

I have submitted a ticket with Webflow as well. I tried to use a blank slider component in a different project, and experienced the same thing.

Either way, this has been passed on the Webflow.

Thanks again for the help

Webflow support got back to me. They are working on a fix and a current work around is:

A workaround for the time being would be to change any of the settings (e.g. animation or duration) to ‘wake-up’ the slider.

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