Slider Not Autoplaying on Chrome + Firefox

I have a slider that is not autoplaying, and its left + right arrows don’t seem to work. This only seems to happen on Chrome.

It was working fine before I did some tweaks to the site, however I can’t see what might have changed to break it. Any tips?

Works fine on Safari, breaks on Chrome and Firefox.

To have the slider pop up, just scroll down on tablet size or smaller. It won’t show up on desktop screen size (sliding back to top will hide it again).

Many thanks!!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Ben here with the Webflow Customer Support Team!

Thanks so much for reaching out and reporting this issue you’re having with your slider.

This is definitely odd behavior. When a slider or its parent is set to display: none on page load this behavior occurs.

As a workaround, you may do the following:

1- Remove Display: None from Set as initial state in the Element trigger interaction .
2- Create a Page trigger > When page finishes loading with display: block and then display: none
… as initial state of the slider .

You may read more about this workaround here.

I know this isn’t optimal, but this is something the team is working to address.

I can’t provide a timeline for when a fix will be available, but someone from the team will reach back out as soon as we know more.

Let me know if there’s anything else we can do to help! :webflow_heart:

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Thank you so much Riley!

Glad it’s a known issue regardless, and that there’s a workaround. I’ll give it a go tomorrow and check in.


Hello, @Yaco!

Ben here with the Webflow Customer Support Team!

​I wanted to let you know that our team recently pushed a fix for this issue. You can now set the slider to display: none and use an interaction to show it.

​Before the fix, when you showed the slider with an interaction it wouldn’t work properly. Now, using an interaction to show the slider shouldn’t have any impact on how it works!

​If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please reach back out and I’ll be happy to assist you further!

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Thank you so much @rileyrichter , I just now noticed you’d updated this. Cheers!

Thanks, @Yaco!!

Don’t hesitate to post again if you need anything else! :webflow_heart:

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