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Slider expands past mobile screen, when third slide is added

I have a slider that expands past its parent container (and the screen), only when I add a 3rd slide to the slider.

This happens even when the 3rd slide is identical to the two first slides.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Halm
Loom link to show problem: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hey there! Welcome to the Webflow Forum!

I took a look at your read only project and it appears that you have removed the Slider from the Sign-Up page? I also noticed that you have correctly functioning Sliders on other pages on your site. Have you found a solution?

Hi @KyleP , thanks for the quick answer. To find the slider, you have to dig a bit.

The signup itself is a slider and the slider in question is nested in the very last slide (see image of Navigator - the slider is “Customer Testimonial Slider - Signup” at the very bottom on the image).

You’re right I do have perfectly functioning sliders on other pages and I actually build this by copying one of them and duplicating some of its classes where I wanted to change things up. This just makes it all the more confusing to me…

Any help or ideas, super welcome :pray:

Hey Matias,

I experienced the same thing. You can find my thread here:

Webflow is aware of the issue.

Hey @ozone31912 , thanks for sharing! :pray:

Good to know that a fix is being worked on. I’ll cross my fingers and wait :crossed_fingers: