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Slider not formatting on tablet / mobile resize


I have designed a slider on the desktop version (which largely is built using flex box layouts), but the slider disappears on tablet and down. I ended up changing the entire layout structure of all the elements on the tablet / mobile layouts, which may have further complicated things. I ended up just creating a new slider for table / mobile, but that slider for some reason doesn’t appear on an actual tablet (ipad) although it works on the desktop width of a tablet in landscape. And the slider does work on an ipad in portrait which also complicates things.

I would much rather not have 2 sliders for different layouts. I’d much rather have just one slider that is simply responsive. But I had a hard time getting all the flex box design elements to work responsively. Any help here would be much appreciated. The goal is to have the same slider just resize properly for table and mobile (both landscape and portrait orientations).

Thanks for the help in advance.


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Hi @isaacrudansky, I have some suggestions for you, get some popcorn!

I hope this helps!

Hey Dave!

I want to thank you so so much for going above and beyond and really helping me out here … I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. You definitely saved me hours and hours of work here (not an exaggeration at all).

Thanks again and best of luck with everything!


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