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Slider as carousel dysfunctional in mobile landscape

Using a slider to display 10 images on home page:
Want 5 images on 2 slides on desktop, tablet & mobile landscape; 2 images on 5 slides in mobile portrait.

BUT: Mobile landscape uses 3 slides with the last, 10th, image a solo on slide 3. Image 5 on slide 1 becomes images 1 on slide 2. Should not/don’t want it to be that way. Want it to be exactly like desktop & tablet results: 5 images/slides.

Have invested hours in trying to find the problem. I’m at a loss. Hoping there’s a simple problem in my slide nav settings, but I simply can’t find what it might be. Have several times deleted the entire slider element & restarted from scratch to no avail. Clearly there’s something fundamental I don’t understand.

Carousel is set to infinite play at duration of 10,000 MS & timer delay of 12,000 MS.

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