Slides are too wide in portrait mobile mode

We’ve built and published our website using the Easy template. However, the responsive design does not work properly on mobile. Specifically, the slides on the homepage do not resize to take up only the width of a vertical mobile device. You can try this by going to on a mobile device. On the top you will see the slide image and you will see that you can scroll to the right to see the entire image. This shouldn’t be the case. Instead the images should be resized to fit on the mobile screen. Here is a screenshot of the site on a mobile device zoomed out so you see the slider image at the top much wider than the page text. Help!

Hi @ilan, thanks for the question ! Could you send me the site read-only link:, I am happy to take a look and find out what’s happening :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

thanks dave.

Hi Dave, have you by chance had time to review this issue? Our public site is pretty messed up on phones right now.



I’m having the same issue, I would love to see Dave’s reply.

Hello @ilan and @atu.
Let me try to help you.

For some reason on mobile view Banner has position: absolute, but did not set alignment. So you hav to make some alignment or make position set to ​**auto.



Wow, thanks @sabanna, that was it!

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Glad I could help :wink: :innocent:

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