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Slider navigation inside modal pop up window?

Hi, i would appreciate so much if you could help me on this idea,

I would like to create a modal pop up window, and inside i would like to include a carrousel of sections with different text in each one.

The point is, is there any way that when i click a certain button (to open this modal window) i can show the number of slider directly? (i.e , click the button and show the slider nº2).

Is there any other (easier) way to do this?.

Thanks a lot.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I saw something related to TABS in this interactions page:

I tried to apply it but not sure how to include de url/code in the button to open a specific tab as im opening it in a pop up window and the demo is made to open a certain tab in other page.

mi site:
page: práctica, i tried to use the third block button:

any help?

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