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Problem with slider inside modal window

Hello! I have a problem with slider in modal window. Here share link to my site
But i used custom code to call the modal window and modal window dosen’t work with preview mode as you know. So here link to published site

Arrows inside slider in modal window doesn’t work when I click on it ;c and when i click on arrows in console appears error. Error in webflow.js file.

And here screenshot where u need to click for modal window is ‘Fade in’.

Any thoughts how to fix it?

That’s a lot of additional code you have there… Most of which you could have do with Interactions I believe… Why are you trying to use external sliders when you can use Webflow native?

May be you right, I can do some of this code with interactions, but i cant do modal window with interaction, i guess;)

I used only webflow sliders in modal window. If you mean this line of code <script src=""></script> I used jquery-ui slider for vertical slide. This block hide now. :wink:

Nevertheless, how can i fix my problem? No Idea? ;c
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Thanks for reply!

But when i tried to do something similar, i cant do this thing: what If i want to close popup when i click on modal background, not just on close button. Can i do this only with interactions? Close modal if i click on button and on modal bg. If its possible it would be great and solves the problem.


You can’t have that kind of solution, because of the structure of the popup:

-popup background
--popup container
---popup slider
--popup close button

This means that if you click on popup-slider browser understands that you also click on popup-container and popup-background. So if there is a “close popup interaction” assigned to popup-background then if you click on slider you will close the entire popup at the same time. That’s why there are close buttons somewhere on the popup :)

You can do step-by-step the solution I have provided now and see how that works for you.

I believe that slider.js is the reason why webflow sliders or any other script doesn’t work or doesn’t work properly.

Thank u for your replys) I used your solution and it’s works fine! But I have to give up the abillity wich able to close popup window by clicking on modal-bacground.

Thank you one more time! And sorry for my trashy English xD

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