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Slider Nav not working on Desktop

Hello everyone,

My slider at the bottom of the home page ( doesn’t show the navigation buttons on desktop when published, but works perfectly fine on mobile. Scratching my head as to why this is happening!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Thibault_Bain

Sorry, I’m missing what’s missing here. Could you send a screenshot of what’s missing please or have you solved this?

Hey @magicmark,

Sure thing! This is how it looks on the Webflow dashboard and preview

But on the published site, the slider nav disappears…

Thanks for showing this.

Can you add an actual z-index to the slider element and publish to see if this works so it looks like my screenshot below.

Thanks for your help, but still no luck…

I’ve also tried giving it a width/ height value, positioning it on the bottom, changing font size and colour and loads more, but still not working :expressionless:

Hey there @Thibault_Bain!

I took a look at your project, and it seems to me like the Scroll Into View interaction for the Section element that contains the slider and the Scroll Into View interaction for the Section above it are what is causing the issue, if you remove those two interactions, it seems like the dots will re-appear.

I’m checking with the team to see if this is a bug coming from Webflow or if there’s a different way to implement this, will get back to you as soon as we have more information.

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Hi Alejandra, thanks very much for your help. The scroll into view interactions are really necessary for the site so I would need to have them in place. Hopefully there is a workaround or it’s a bug. Hope to hear from you and your team soon!


Just to make you aware, I’ve created a similar slider on my contact page ( that is only visible on mobile. It works fine when viewed on mobile BUT when viewed on desktop on a re-sized window, the same problem occurs! This may suggest that it’s not down to the interactions as there is no scroll into view interactions on this page! I hope this information helps you and your team.

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