Slider Issues: Second Slide Skipped, Can't Edit Content

Dear fellow designers,

For a client, I’m working on a multi-page form using the slider tool. The form is almost ready, yet yesterday I ran into an issue. All of a sudden, the second slide does not show up. The slider would just skip the second slide. Strangely, the second slide does appear on my iPhone and on the phone preview mode in the Designer.

The form:

After you click on ‘Direct beginnen’, the first slide shows:

Click on ‘Volgende’ and you go to the third slide:

However, this is the actual second slide:

It doesn’t matter which slide is the second. It would just skip the second slide regardless.

Also, there is another strange problem: when trying to edit content on other slides than the first one, the slider would just jump back to the first slide. When I click on a title, paragraph, radio button or any other element: it would just go back to the first slide. This wasn’t an issue before and it seems like a bug.

How can I:

  • make the slider show ALL slides;
  • edit content on other slides than the first one without the slider jumping back to the first slide?

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Much thanks in advance!

^ Boaz

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I have experienced a similar issue when I do a slider and use flex inside of it. To fix this I always re-do again the slider (not using flexbox never) using grid to distribute the elements.

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Hey! Thanks for you advice :).

Does this also mean you can’t use flex inside a div in the slider?

Sadly, whenever I create a new slider without flex, the second problem persists. I can’t edit text on another slide than the first one. It will just jump back. Is there something wrong with my Slider, Mask or Div settings?

i have the same problem because it has to be because the bug never has such a problem.

Would it be a temporary Webflow bug?

you can’t edit the second slide or the behavior is still wrong?