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Slider issue - slide 2 and 3 do not display

Added a slider to a page. Slide 1 image displays. Slide 2 and 3 not so much. Same set up. Can see image thumbnail in settings. Why is it not displaying on the page? - What else can I do? Each has custom classes assigned…

Thank you.

Hey, @Tine22, can you share a public link for us so we can dig in and see what the issue seems to be? :smiley:

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Hi @Tine22,

For best results with the slider component, do not class or modify the slides themselves or apply interactions to the slides. Instead drop a div inside each slide. Then class and control appearance and place all your content within those divs. In your case put the background image on a div you place inside rather than the slide itself. Also avoid using a fixed position on any content within the slide.

The slider does not support fixed elements or fixed background images.
The slider component uses a transform on the x-axis to manage the slide transitions so fixed images show up on slide1 but are a no-show on all other slides.

Hope it helps. If you have any other issues post a link.


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