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Slider not showing slides on mobile or stopping on last slide

There are two issues I am experiencing with my slider here:

  1. When I use the slider arrows on desktop, when it hits the last slide it doesnt stop. You can just keep sliding the empty width of the page. How do I get it to just stop at that last slide?

  2. On mobile after I go through a couple slides, all the sudden it just slides through empty space before returning to the slide again. I am not sure what is causing this issues but hoping someone can find it.

Thanks again for the help!

Here is my site Read-Only:
[1]: Webflow - Lost Video
[2]: Share a read-only link | Webflow University

Thank you to Jorn @ Webflow for giving me some options. I will post his recommendations here just incase anyone else needs them:

About the first issue on desktop, it’s actually expected behaviour but I understand you don’t want it that way. If you select the the top slider element - movie-slider - and then head over to the slider settings start to go through the slides with the arrows buttons there you can see that it does go through the slides in the way it’s set up. The last slide is the one selected last but that will then leave the a space because the mask is set to 25%.

I’m actually not sure how to build what you want with the built in slider component.
I would probably look elsewhere because that component has very basic functionality.

Here’s a third party tool I recently discovered that might be something you can use in your project: How do you create custom sliders in Webflow?

Note that the Webflow support are not able to support how to use third party tools and applications.

The second issue on mobile was just a human error where some nested classes were getting hidden on mobile by accident.