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Slider Images Shake When Resizing

I used Webflow’s default slider to create a custom lightbox for my site. It works as intended, aside from the images occasionally shaking when resizing the browser window. This happens on every browser. I suspect this is due to an error in the code, rather than a bug with Webflow. I recorded a video of the issue I’m experiencing. View it below:

YouTube: Webflow Slider Resize Issue

Here’s my shared link:

Slider Image Resize Issue

To inspect, view the “Slider Image Resize Issue” page.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I’m still unable to fix this issue, and I haven’t been able to find a thread where another user had a similar problem on the forum. Anyone care to give it a look?

Thanks in advance.

The shaking comes from browser re-rendering the page as you change the viewport size. In a real-world scenario, mostly only designers will play around with the browser size that much to test the responsiveness.

So, I think you’ll be fine. :wink:

Hope this clears things up. :slight_smile:

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