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Slider feature?

You know what would be super cool is if interactions were integrated into sliders where one could create a Ken Burns effect on slider images. Ahhh…

How cool is this?


Hi @craigteel, this would be a cool effect to have for sure! You can implement this to Webflow using custom code, it is an advanced user implementation, but it is possible. You would however need to code this yourself in Javascript, or pickup a Ken Burns slider and implement that to your page. To do that, you would need some CDN to store the Ken Burns Slider script files, but it is possible to do this, if you want to explore that, using custom code.

We do not however, support custom code solutions, so until this kind of effect is built into the slider or interactions for slider, you would have to ask questions and get help for that on the forum.

As a general rule, most Javascript plugins can be used, if you have a location to where you have stored your scripts and want to link to them. Cheers and I hope that give you some options to look at.

Thanks for your response, @cyberdave. Yeah, I know it can be done the hard way. I’d just prefer to not have to and I’m sure others would agree. This was intended to be more of a feature suggestion to be possibly integrated in the future. :wink:

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Yep, thanks for your valuable feedback @craigteel, we build these kinds of nice features based on it :slight_smile: It is a great idea to have this widgetized :smile:

Cheers !

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