Slider extending past screen width on mobile

I created a CMS powered slider and I have it in a quick stack. There are a couple of issues:

  1. The slider extends past the width on mobile and makes the quickstack extend as well.
    I have set the max width to 95% on every layer I could think of and it still doesn’t fix the issue.

  2. The photos are not centering in the slider and there seems to be some sort of padding or margin on the right side that is causing this and I can’t detect where it is coming from.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because this is driving me nuts! Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:
http://](Webflow - BCD

hello @Jon_Stastny

I can’t find this slider on your website.
To be honest Webflow slider is not the best solution. If you want to move elements into the slider you need to work with elements in position:absolute.

I recommend using the Splide slider. Here is a tutorial from Timothy Ricks → CMS Carousel Sliders in Webflow (2021 Complete Guide Splide) - T.RICKS

Do it step by step and it will work.