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Slider doesn't work in tablet + mobile version

Dear Webflow kings and queens,

I have an issue related to a slider. The slider works fine on the desktop version, but whenever I change it to the mobile or tablet version it doesn’t work at all. The slider swifts to the left and is barely visible. Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong so I can fix it?

I’m talking about the ‘onze experts’ (Our experts) part on our homepage.
Hereby the link:

I’m relatively new to Webflow, so all help is much appreciated!


Hey @j.vieveen for tablet onwards, if you edit the Slider, so the Layout & Alignment settings are set to Stretch, it places it in the centre

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Then you can edit the ‘Columns 2’ Column / Display settings to adjust how you want it to look.


Hi Estaban,

Thanks a lot, you’re a hero.
It’s fixed now.
Have a great day!


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