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Slider arrows with display-none but still if i click in that area it stops the autoplay

Hi there!

I have a Slider, with autoplay and a progress bar, with 3 slides. I hidden the arrows and the nav slide so user don’t click on it because it will stop the autoplay. Everything ok except if the user click on the arrows area ( that are hidden ) it stops the autoplay, so the arrows are hidden, but the link is working. it doesn’t change the slide imagem, just stop the autoplay.

Anyone could help me please? I will leave the link for the only-read version. The slider is the Hero Slider, and the arrows hidden are in the left and right margin of the slider, horizontal centered

Thank you !!

Here is my site Read-Only:

What page are you referring to?

Also, did you use a template for this site? Looks awesome!