Slider paused when mouse hover

Hi all

Hoping for some help !

Ive made a full page slider, on autoplay, removing navigational options for the viewer, but whenever the mouse is on the screen the slider pauses. Can I stop this so it continuously autplays no matter what the viewer is doing ?



Here is my site Read-Only:

Having the same issue here. Have a fullscreen slider with links in each slide. And haven’t found any solutions, online, nor on the forum, to stop the auto pause on hover.

I mean seriously webflow? I’ve seen many posts, as far back as from 2013

with the same issue. And haven’t seen a SINGLE “no-code” solution.

How about a simple:

pause on hover

I am no developer, so have no idea how immensely hard can that be.

Did you both miss this solution by @RAJ_BADGEWAR ?

In his comment he uses pointer-events: auto but it should be pointer-events: none as he does in WF GUI as he shows.