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Slider Out Of View animation not working

Hi everyone!

I’m having a problem with slider out of view animation. So, i have a Hero slider, with 2 slides. I also have a progress bar that shows the progress of the slider time to the next slide. In this progress bar, i want that in the next slide, the progress bar comes to 1% Height, so the animation ( which is a size animation, that makes the progress bar goes from 1% to 100% height ) start over again. But the “slider out of view animation” ( wich i set to a duration of 0 sec, and a size of 1% height ) is not working, so after the slide changes to the second slide, the progress bar stays in 100%

Is there anyone who have the same problem, or anyone could help me? I have spend hours in this and i don’t know how to solve it ! Thank you in advance!!

PS: I also tried to take of the slider out of view animation, and in the slider in view animation, in the end of the animation i simple create another animation that set the height to 1% again with 0 sec duration, and it works once, but in the end of the second slide whene goes again to the first slide, the same problem appear, and the progress bar don’t work anymore.

Here is my read-only link: