Slider animation causing form window lose focus

Whenever my slider (header section) automatically changes slide (every 6s), currently focused form windows lose their focus. That makes my form (3rd section) unusable.

I used a third party slider that automatically changes slides every 6 seconds or when user clicks one of the tabs. I haven’t changed anything in the live code or classes that are used by the script, but here is the link just in case.

As far as I understand JavaScript, the script uses Webflow’s “.w–current” class and that is what is causing the mess, because that is the same class that is used for active/focused form windows.

I tried to edit the script so that it only works when part of the header is in viewport, but I struggle to make it work. Or maybe there is some other workaround I haven’t thought about.

Unfortunately there is no response from component authors so I’m either stuck with looking for a solution or I will have to make a slider from scratch which might be even harder, because the website is already live.

Here is my site Read-Only

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