Page loads to bottom when using slider. Already searched for autofocus or overflow elements

I am having issues on one of my pages. It seems to be linked with the slider element. When i start using the slider, like clicking to the first picture the page jumps to the bottom. When I remove the slider element the problem disappears.

Checked all elements for autofocus or overflow elements but could not find anything.
The contact formular has no autofocus elements and the issue is only occuring on the following site. (2nd link- Ani Project)

I am new to webflow and would be thankful for any tips, tricks or possible solutions.

Webflow - Nhung's Portfolio

Published site where you can see the issue : ScrollColor

Hey there. Is there any custom code on the page?

Yes, I am using a code for a number counter.

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
$(".counterup").each(function (index) {
  // assign ID
  let thisId = "countup" + index;
  $(this).attr("id", thisId);
  // create variables
  let startNumber = +$(this).text();
  let endNumber = +$(this).attr("final-number");
  let decimals = 0;
  let duration = $(this).attr("count-duration");
  // animate number
  let myCounter = new CountUp(thisId, startNumber, endNumber, decimals, duration);

  // Scroll into view trigger
    trigger: $(this),
    start: "top 80%",
    end: "bottom top",
    onEnter: () => {