Help with menu bar animation

Hey everyone!

So I have this problem when the nav bar is open it will close automatically when the tab section at the top changes. I think it is due to some custom code. Is there a fix for this?

Here is the code

var Webflow = Webflow || [];
Webflow.push(function () {
  // DOMready has fired
  // May now use jQuery and Webflow api
// start everything
  var tabTimeout;

// define loop - cycle through all tabs
function tabLoop() {
    tabTimeout = setTimeout(function() {    
        var $next = $('.tabs-menu').children('.w--current:first').next();

        if($next.length) {
            $next.removeAttr("href").click();  // click resets timeout, so no need for interval
        } else {
    }, 5500);  // 1ish second tab loop

// reset timeout if a tab is clicked
$('.tab-link').click(function() {