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"Slide" scroll effect

Hi there,

I’m wondering if the following scroll effect is possible in webflow (i.e. staggered/locked scrolling though “slides”/sections):

Many thanks in advance!

Hey there! Awesome question.

Without doing a step by step guide:
This is possible with a decent amount of customizations to the slider. You’ll need to have a look at using full page sliders (slides and slider set to 100% or 100VH height, relative) on a full height body (100% height), and then just using absolute: right top positioning of the bottom nav bar for the slider to move it to the right of the screen.

You can read the quick overview of a full screen slider here

Hope that gets you pointed in the right direction to start exploring. Always here to help :slight_smile:

Ahh yes, wonderful – definitely enough to get me started! Many thanks.

My followup question would be if the current version of webflow allows for a slide change trigger when scrolling down per the example.

Awesome! Glad it helped.

Not natively on mouse scroll I’m afraid, it may be possible with some heavy work done with the CSS positioning and use of the interactions on “slider-slide into view”- but this behaviour would be incredible hard to replicate such as what is shown in the custom gallery done in the link you referenced :blush:

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