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Hi! wondering if this scroll behavior could be possible in webflow

It seems like they are using js-pagecontroller-overlay scrollstop?

Maybe there is a hack-y way to do this in webflow? Thank you!


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Hey @bluejay1,

It’s definitely possible.

  1. Rotational parallax -
  2. Parallax movement on scroll -

Hope this helps. Happy holidays!


thanks @nwdsha.

I think what’s challenging for me is:

  1. how move the first image div to top out of view at the same speed as the user scrolls; when it is out of view, the second image div starts as the user scrolls.
  2. if the user scrolls up, the images come down in order, but again at the same speed of the user scrolling.

Because it is at the same speed, it can’t be animated? Right?

I’m also interested in how the images move toward the cursor, slightly.

Let me know if possible

And happy holidays to you too!

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I would also like to know about this, my question is, how can we move only 1 element / div , while the rest ( the images behind on linked example ) stay and not affected by scroll ?

using this refs :

  1. Parallax movement on scroll -

all elements are moving.

I also stumbled upon this site and fell in love with it. Couldn’t figure out the js script that he used to create the parallax/layered effect.

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