Slide on nav links not working properly at mobile resolutions

I do the default Webflow navigation like every time, but this time for some reason I come across a certain bug, namely I connected the navlinks via the section IDs so that they slide when a certain nav link is clicked, on the desktop version it works perfectly, at least as I tested it, but the problem is mobile resolutions on which, for example, if I click the “DOWNLOAD” button in the hero section, it should take me to the FORMS section (the section before the footer), but for some reason it takes me to the end of the FAQ’s section or it shows 50% of the end of the FAQ’s section and 50% of the beginning of the FORMS section, it’s the same for the SERVICES section when I click the first time in the nav menu, but when I click the second time on any of those buttons or links, everything slides normally? What could be the problem?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Katerina Gorbacheva website

Did you find a solution? Everything seems to work correctly on my end.
The only thing I noticed is that #contact is labeled to the footer section rather than the section where your form is.

No, I didn’t. Yes I think that contact need to be this forms section, but client said that he need to be in footer. So I just changed to footer, I still have a problem when for example first time on the page I click “SERVICES” nav link in mobile resolution it will show me “50% end of how section and 50% start of SERVICES section”, also for “DOWNLOAD” button, when I first time click, it will slide me to end of FAQ’s section, but every next time when I clicked on this button t will slide normally and correctly, in Webflow preview everything working perfectly, but on published page, mobile, and inspect element it’s not working for some reason. Also on desktop resolution everything working well.