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Navigation started to work inccorectly

Hi everyone, I have an issue with the navigation on my site.
Before I started to adjust the tablet version of the site, navigation worked well.
But after some adjustments on the other format, when I push the button in the up menu or I push the left-side arrows, which I adjusted too, It leads me to the place between sections, but not to the section itself.
Help me, please, if you’re able.
Deadline is coming :frowning:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Blade Agency

So are you experiencing the problems on the tablet version or desktop? I could not reproduce your issue, it works fine for me.

I recorded the video: Vidyard Recording
It works incorrectly on every version. I didn’t finish adjusting the tablet version, but it doesn’t affect the height of sections to think that it depends on the responsibility of that version.


It is working normally for me too in the read-only version.

When you view the published site, is it doing the same thing?

And you might already know this, but your map is overlapping your form and the mobile navigation isn’t showing.


The problem is solved, thanks for the attempt to help me.
The issue was that I didn’t use the standard Navigation preset and made my custom own one.
But I didn’t know how to put it in a dropdown for the adapted versions, therefore I added the standard Nav too, because it transforms automatically. But after adding that standard nav this issue with the navigation appeared.
I realized it because tried to delete it, and everything started to work well again.
I don’t how it influenced, but it did.
Now I’ll try to transform my own custom nav for adaptive versions.

I don’t know, why only I see that, but I checked even from the phone. I saw that even there.
But as I answered the previous person, who tried to help, I found the problem and solved it.
And about the map, it has the width for the full screen, which is much wider than what we see while developing the site.
On the published site everything looks good.
And about mobile navigation, you can read my response to another person.