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Slide don't works


On the page : “ALL & worldwide” with mobile view.

When I click on the “how it works” button, a slider is displayed but I can’t slide between each slide and I don’t find a solution.

Please, look in mobile view not computer view.

Best regards

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi, @lemundibu.

You may have received a response from Webflow, but I also wanted to provide an update here as well:

After reaching out to the team - we found that this is a bug that you’ve come across. The issue seems to be occurring because the slider is set to display:none on page load.

As a workaround, you may do the following:

1- Remove Display: None from Set as initial state in the Element trigger interaction .
2- Create a Page trigger > When page finishes loading with display: flex and then display: none
… as initial state of the slider .

You may read more about this workaround here: How to redraw slider (in modal) when modal window opens

I completely understand how frustrating it can be when something doesn’t work as expected.

Our team is currently working on this issue, and I’d be happy to let you know once the fix is available as soon as possible.

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Hello @mistercreate

Thank you for your answer. I really have difficulties to do it (especially “display : flex”).
I check the link but still have problem to do it by myself.

Is it possible to have a video tutorial to help me ?

best regards

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