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Send to page section bug


On the CMS page “Worldwide campaign”

When I click on the “collaborate” button, the page is going up and don’t follow the right ID page section. I check and no element have the same ID at the top of the page.

Please, look in mobile view not computer view.

Best regards

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @lemundibu,

I may not be reading your question right, but could you clarify what your issue is? I have gone to mobile view and click on “collaborer” and it shows a dropdown of content.



Please find attached a link to the mobile video I just record

It happen everytime

best regards

Hi @lemundibu, sorry for the delay.

Since I am unable to compare changes on a live site, my only guess would be that the container you are using for the content is not a sibling of the main div for that option. Plus the id was not connected to the button as well.

Make sure that the button you are using is connected to the right container ID in the menu dropdown. The one in your preview link was/is connected to ‘part’.



Thank you for your answer.
I just redo and connect the ID but it still don’t works.

Can you take a look on it now ?

Hi @lemundibu, hope all is well. I just did a preview test of this site and so far I do not see an issue.

Can you publish this site and send me a link tot he published site? Ill review it in browserstack at that time.

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