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Slide 2 of slider appearing off screen momentarily on widescreen breakpoint

Hi Guys,

I have a bit of weird issue that maybe someone might know the solution to.

On the homepage of the below site, in the top section I have a slider. What seems to happen on the largest breakpoint is that when you click the navbar brand link, it reloads the page and shows half of slide 2 of the slider momentarily then it vanishes.

This can be spotted when you navigate to the cookies/policy page, and click on the brand nav link back to the main page. It seems show half of slide 2, as if the mask isn’t working for a moment, then it’s fine again. This only seems to be on widescreen format, I’m just wondering would any of your fine minds be able to help me diagnose this particular issue?

Thanks a million in advance.

Kindest regards,


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