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Slider momentarily showing second slide

Hi Guys,

I hope you may be able to help with a puzzling issue.

For the below site there’s a slider in the header section. When you click on the brand link at the top, on the largest screen break, for a split second it shows the second slide, cropped by the right hand side of the screen. So it’s like it loads slide two even in the position half off canvas. Would any of you have any ideas what may be cause this. It’s not always visible, but if you navigate to the cookies page via the footer link, and click on the brand link it brings you back to the homepage you can see the effect.

Also, on some versions of chrome on mobile the slider cycles through once and stops, but on other phones and through Safari the slider cycles through as expected.

Hope this makes sense and I would appreciate any help or guidance.

Thanks a million in advance!


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