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Sizing and Positioning Images Properly for Responsiveness

Dear Webflow Wizards,

I need help understanding something quite basic, I really don’t know what I am doing when it comes to positioning Images correctly. My brain might also just be tired from seemingly going in circles and trying different things but I can’t seem to figure it out.
Maybe I need to go back and rewatch some videos that clarify how to use %, PX, VH, and EM (never used this one).

Would anyone be able to tell me where I am going wrong?

the site looks okay on Desktop but as I go down in size to Mobile, images start to fit poorly and a gray area appears.

any help would be appreciated

Here is my site Read-Only

this is another link to another page where I have the same problem.

I have two sliders on this page and on Mobile, I can’t figure why one slider resize the images well and the other one is way too big for the image. Any advice would be really great!

Please help, :smiley:

Have you gone through the resources on

Theres tons of stuff on there about the right way to handle this. it would help if you had specific issues that you need addressed.

Hi @DFink

I have gone through many of the Webflow University videos, and I think I have a general understanding how to size photos, however I have no idea why this automatic resizing happens and how I can control it.

I’ve attached a few screen shots to capture what I see. Note that the size of the screen doesn’t change yet when I try and size a photo with % or Auto it seems to be fine but then it will revert to a different size.

I hope I am communicating my problem

I am trying to figure out how to just control the image’s size and I can’t seem to understand how.
Uploading: Image_Size1.jpg… Uploading: Image_Size2.jpg… Uploading: Image_Size3.jpg…

Read Only Link

Thanks for any help you can offer @DFink

Hi, your screenshots didn’t upload. I’m guessing your background images aren’t set to cover on the slider slide element? If they are background images you should set them to cover. Inline elements you can use the image property to set it to cover or fill. I tend to prefer background images though.

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Hi @DFink

Thank you very much for the help. your suggestion worked well, and the photos resize automatically now (mostly) accurately.

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